About Us  
Derived from "Nuture" & "Essence," we aim to assist and cultivate the minority women in our community 
Founded in December 2015, CEO/Founder, Joanne Sylvesre identified a void in minority women occupying executive-level leadership roles within healthcare/corporate industries
We are a predominently female-based village of trailblazers who are dedicated to creating and becoming the changes that we want to see in the world 
Successfully growing throughout the US, each chapter will be able to offer local community resources to members within proximity
Our Mentorship Program

Did You Know ..... 

Women of color

  • 36.3% of our nation’s female population

  • Approximately 18% of the entire U.S. population.       

  • 1/3 of the female workforce

And yet women of color…

  • Occupy only 11.9% of managerial and professional positions

  • Only hold 3.2% of executive suite positions within Fortune 500 companies

More than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies have no women of color as board directors.


Let's make a change! 

The NUTRESSENCE Network provides leaders who empower, serving FEMALES of color to BECOME EMPOWERED
Our Mentorship Program

Our Mission ..... 

The Nutressence Network offers strategic mentorship programs to women of color across the U. S., aimed towards providing professional pathways to prominent leadership roles in the healthcare and business industries,and entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Vision ..... 

 We strive to be the leading minority female organization that equips our members with the life-enhancing leadership tools and resources   that will elevate, stimulate, and empower females to become the future executive-level leaders creating impactful changes in the world.

Meet our


South Carolina 
Chapter President


CEO/ Founder

Joanne Sylvestre

Katiucia pierre-louis

Tina Torres