For Your Information

1.      What is the name of the organization? And why?

The Nutressence Network (TNN) was created from the words- “Nurture” and “Essence”. Joanne Sylvestre’s concept of TNN came to her as she found herself tired of the disparities of colored women in leadership roles within all health and corporate related fields. Identifying the massive opportunities out there, the TNN goal is to have at least 50% of our members become entrepreneurs, community outreach leaders, and health organizational leaders upon utilizing all of the resources offered to them within 2 years.

2.      What type of organization is it?

TNN, a non-profit organization, offers strategic mentorship programs to females of color across the United States aimed towards providing professional pathways to prominent leadership roles in the healthcare industry or entrepreneurial roles within the community.

3.      When was it founded?

November 27, 2015

4.      Why was the organization created?

To provide women who wanted an opportunity to do greater, bigger things, a chance to do so without having to re-create the wheel. There is a large gap of colored-women in the leadership role within the corporate world and community- Too many women are in need of mentors

5.      What are the goals for the organization?

To create successful leaders throughout the US within healthcare and business, minimizing the gap of minority female leaders within the corporate world

6.      Who does the organization target?

Females- Mostly colored-females

7.      What has the organization done since its inception?

Started fund raising for the mentorship program, has developed its board and has started working on their first summit- Sister’s leading towards success Summit

8.      What programs and/or services does the organization have?

Mentorship, Workshops, job opportunities/internships, GED referral assistance, teaching opportunities, public speaking opportunities, and much more!

9.  Who conducts the programs and/or services for the organization?

The members of the organization

10.  Why provide those programs and/or services?

There are many women who cannot afford pricey/costly programs and we offer them at a fraction of the cost

11.  Does the company have a staff, team members or volunteers?

Members of the organization are highly skilled professionals within healthcare, corporate sectors, and entrepreneurial ventures- Nurses, Social Workers, Directors, Entrepreneurs, etc. Each individual has a skill that enhances the opportunities that we have to offer to each of our clients

12.  Where do you see the organization within the next 5 to 10 years?

A chapter in each state; National coverage on media about the disparities of minority women leaders in healthcare and the corporate world. Public policy exposure on concentrating a focus on more services for empowering women to become leaders in their communities

13.  How can people participate with the organization?

They can reach out to one of the members and apply